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Make your transition to Medicare simple with Day Air and RetireMEDiQ.

We’ve partnered with RetireMEDiQ to provide a health insurance resource for those preparing for retirement and their families. When you sign up for The RetireMEDiQ Program, you will receive e-communications that will help you cut through the clutter of Medicare information and gain access to their benefit advisors.

Best of all, this program is offered at no cost to you, your family and friends.

RetireMEDiQ 5 Pillars of Service

  • Personalized Communications – Sign up to receive timely, personalized Medicare, retirement and lifestyle communication to your inbox. 
  • Advisors – Real people with real answers are available to support you and answer questions regarding Medicare, early retirement, plan options, cost savings, and more.
  • Access to Health Care Plans – A variety of plans in a range of price point to ensure that you find the one that fits your specific needs and budget.
  • Lifelong Support – The RetireMEDiQ team advocates on your behalf year-round to ensure your individual health plan needs are met.
  • Resource Libraries – Instant access to information, answers and guidance by browsing the extensive RetireMEDiQ online resource library.

or call 1-833-229-3207 to speak with a RetireMEDiQ representative today!