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Earn points for every purchase you make with your Day Air Platinum Rewards Credit Card.

For every $1.00 you charge on your Day Air Platinum Rewards Visa® credit card, you earn one point. It’s that easy! From fuel to groceries to utility bills, your everyday purchases will really pay off. Register your Day Air Card Today!   Points can be redeemed for airline flights, hotel stays, golf clubs, televisions, diamond earrings and so much more! To view the rewards you can earn, click here.

  • Rewards for travel and merchandise
  • Rates as low as 9.24%
  • No Annual Fee
  • No overlimit fee
  • 25-day grace period on purchases
  • Security to purchase online through Verified by VISA®

Need a balance transfer?

You’re in luck! Plus you can get a great balance transfer rate today!

Unlike other credit card offers where the transfer rate changes to a higher rate in 3 months, 6 months, or even a year, a Day Air balance transfer rate is good for the life of the balance! Learn how you can transfer your other credit card balances to Day Air today!


Simply click on the green chat icon in the bottom right corner of this web page and a member service representative will be happy to help you get started with your credit card balance transfer today!

Day Air Card Controls

Day Air Card Controls will notify you each time your Day Air card is used, whether its at a grocery store or for an online purchase. Enabling this feature with your Day Air cards adds yet another level of security to your Day Air account. Watch our short video “How to Setup Card Activity Alerts” in the Day Air App to get started.

Card Controls and Push Notifications must be enabled to use Card Activity Alerts in the Day Air App. Learn how to setup those here, Card Controls | Push Notifications.


Card Fraud, Lost or Stolen


Card Activation


Cardholder PIN Select




*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Rates are variable based on evaluation of credit history, so your rate may differ. Variable rate calculated by adding three percent to the Prime Rate as determined by the Federal Reserve. Full details and disclosures.