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Use Day Air Bill Pay to handle your bills so you can focus on your business.

No more licking envelopes or rushing out to buy stamps. The best part about Day Air Bill Pay for business is once you’ve entered whom to pay bills to, you’ll never have to enter that information again. That means more time for you to focus on running your business. 

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Full integration with Day Air Online Banking

Day Air Bill Pay features complete integration with Day Air Online Banking in an intuitive, user-friendly experience.

Full mobile functionality

Day Air Bill Pay also integrates seamlessy with the Day Air App, so you’ll have access anywhere, anytime.

Email alerts

Configure email alerts within Day Air Bill Pay so you can get notified when and how you want regarding upcoming and past bills.

Real-time access to account balances

Need to check a balance? When you use Day Air Bill Pay you’ll get real-time access to check your account balance.

Insufficient funds reminders

Setup reminders so you’ll know when you don’t have enough in an account to cover an upcoming bill. 

Person-to-person payments

Easily pay your friends and family using Pay Anyone within the Day Air App.

How-to use Day Air Bill Pay Videos

How to Enroll

Setting up an eBill

Cancelling a Person-to-Person Payment

Adding a Payee

Making a Person-to-Person Payment

How to Pay a Bill

Accepting a Person-to-Person Payment

Online Banking Enrollment

First Time Users

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    • Tip – The first time you log into your accounts in online banking, you’ll need to enter your account number and temporary password.  You’ll be required to change that to a permanent password in order to finish logging in the first time. Also make sure to change your username to something other than your account number for security.

All Other Users

  • Simply click on the green chat icon in the bottom right corner of this web page and a member service representative will be happy to assist you.