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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that are not answered by the Help Center, you can contact us, use the Live Chat feature, or give us a call at (937) 643-2160.

Common Questions

Since 1945. 
Who is Day Air Credit Union's President/CEO

William Burke

Who can become a member of Day Air Credit Union?

Anyone who lives, works or worships in Miami, Montgomery, Greene, Clark, Champaign, Darke, Preble, Butler and Warren Counties. Become a member today!

What is Day Air Credit Union's Routing Number?


How Can I Make a loan payment from another bank account?

To make online payments from another financial institution, we can set up an Account to Account (A2A) transfer. Once it’s set up, you can log into Day Air Credit Union’s Online Banking and transfer funds from your other financial institution to your Day Air Credit Union account. Complete this form and send it into us to enroll.

We can also set up auto pay from other financial institutions. For your convenience, we can set auto pay to pull monthly, bi-weekly or weekly.  For both options, we do have a form we need completed and a copy of a void check.

How can I make a deposit into my account without coming into a branch?

With Mobile Deposit through the Day Air app. You must be enrolled in this product before being able to access it. You can enroll for Mobile Deposit through our mobile app or by contacting us.

Why do I get statements quarterly and not monthly?

If you only have a savings account or share certificate with us and have not had a transaction, you will only receive a quarterly statement.  When you make a transaction, you will receive a monthly statement.

Do you provide mortgage or home loans?

Yes! We provide several types of home loans and we are confident we can find the right loan for you. There are three ways you can apply for a mortgage loan: online, by phone, or stop into any Day Air branch.

Do you have credit counseling services?

We offer internal credit report and score services through our Credit Score Enhancement program, as well as through our partner, TRINITY Debt Management, to provide one on one counseling and online financial education courses. Learn more about TRINITY here.

Do you charge for ATM use?
If you are using one of our surcharge-free network ATMs, you should not incur a fee. Find a surcharge-free ATM on our locator tool. However, Day Air will not charge you for the first 5 ATM transactions you do, regardless of the network – but be aware the other financial institution may impose a fee.
Do you have safe deposit boxes?

At our three community branches, Kettering, Centerville, and York Commons, we provide safe deposit boxes. Learn more here.

Do you have notaries available at the branches?

Yes. Please contact us to make an appointment to ensure someone is available to notarize your document(s).

Should I use my debit card as credit or debit?

While you can choose either option, there are a few differences. Choose credit and you’ll be asked to sign for your purchase. All signature transactions go through the Visa network, and come with the additional security offered by credit card companies. That includes fraudulent use protection and Visa’s Zero Liability Policy. Signature based transactions have a daily withdraw limit of $1,000.

When you choose debit, you’ll be asked for a 4-digit PIN number. This purchase is then processed through an EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) system like STAR or NYCE. These networks don’t provide the additional liability protection offered by Visa. However, choosing debit at most grocery stores and gas stations allows you to get cash back. PIN based transactions have a daily withdraw limit of $300.

How often can you contribute to a Day Air Holiday savings account?

You may start a Holiday Club account at any time. Deposits made throughout the year are transferred to your checking account on the last business day of October. If you need to take money out before that a penalty may be assessed.