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Call for Candidates

Help shape the future of Day Air Credit Union.

Are you interested in representing our membership by serving on our Board of Directors? Day Air Credit Union is a cooperative, meaning it is democratically controlled by YOU, our member-owners. We are governed by our Board, which consists of nine volunteers who are selected by our members.

By becoming a director you can channel your ideas and energy to help identify and meet the needs of members throughout the Miami Valley and contribute toward building a stronger credit union.

As a director you’ll help Day Air members by:

Additional opportunities include:


In addition to positions on the Board of Directors, there are also Associate Board member positions and positions on various standing or ad-hoc Committees for qualified members to serve on.


Maintaining the general direction and control of the credit union.

Guiding the credit union to fulfill its mission of enhancing members’ financial well-being.

Influencing decisions to help the credit union best serve our communities.

Determining the strategic direction of the credit union.

Setting all governance policies which guide the affairs of the credit union.

Ensuring that all policies are properly implemented in accordance with the credit union charter, bylaws, applicable federal and state laws, sound business practices and membership desires.

Simply fill out the form below
to apply for a position on the Day Air Board of Directors.

Click here to view and sign the
Day Air Credit Union Board of Directors Nominee Packet.

Qualifications, Requirements and Consent to Serve

Please review the qualifications, requirements and consent to serve below and/or in the Board of Director Nominee Packet. If you meet the qualifications and requirements listed please electronically sign the ‘Statement of Consent to Serve’, ‘Nominee Declarations’, and ‘Authorization for Consumer Credit Report’ documents in the Day Air Credit Union Board of Directors Nominee Packet linked here.

Qualifications and Requirements

  • You are a member in good standing of the credit union, aged 21 years or older and bondable.
  • You have the ability and desire to attend all regular and special meeting of the Board of Directors and at least one educations and/or planning program per year.
  • You have demonstrated a desire to learn about the credit union, its services, laws and regulations that govern it and the responsibilities of a Board member.
  • You use Day Air Credit Union as your primary financial institution.
  • You have an open mind, the ability to use sound judgment, a willingness to accept responsibility and the ability to make group decisions with fellow Board members.
  • You exhibit strong personal financial management skills as shown by a good credit report and no past or present personal bankruptcy or judgments.
  • You have demonstrated relevant business experience and or professional skills directly related to the credit union function. Demonstrated skills may be proven by showing on the job experience and/or the educational experience of the candidate. Candidates may be asked to submit to a nominating committee interview to ascertain their qualifications.
  • You are not a relative of an employee of Day Air Credit Union nor an employee of the credit union.
  • You are not an Officer, Employee or relative of any organization that competes directly with Day Air Credit Union.

Consent to Serve

I fully understand and do hereby agree that if elected to serve on the Board of Directors, I will conform to and abide by the following:

  • Attend all regular and special meetings of the Board when notified, unless prevented by circumstances outside my control.
  • Participate, to the best of my ability, in determination of policy and other matters coming before the Board, give full attention to problems of the credit union, and vote on all issues submitted or proposed for action.
  • Affirm the business of the credit union and its members to be confidential in nature and to be held in strict confidence.
  • Give all assistance possible to my fellow Board members, appointed officers and employees of the credit union in the discharge of the duties of their offices.
  • Disclose any conflict of interest to the Board and refrain from voting on issues related to such conflict, should I ever find myself under obligation to any other individual, group, or organization which may create such conflict with the credit union.
  • Continually seek to learn more about the credit union organization and its services and about my individual responsibilities as a Board member.
  • Understand that, as a Board member of a financial institution, I have a fiduciary responsibility to that institution as required by law, and as such, may be subject to personal legal liability.
Board Governance Committee

The Board Governance Committee will select qualified candidates for each Board vacancy.  Election ballots will be available via online banking to the membership in February, with balloting to be completed in March.  Positions become effective at the annual meeting in April.

Dates and Deadlines

Day Air Credit Union accepts applications for interested Board of Director candidates all year long. However, the deadline to apply to join the Board of Directors in 202 is November 18, 2022. Any applications received after this date will be considered for open 2024 Board of Director seats or other committee positions.

Questions? Call 937-643-2082 or email

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