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Day Air Insurance, LLC is open for the benefit or our membership and the community. We offer home and auto insurance, business and renters insurance, and much more! We can offer you the best insurance coverage in the business. On average our members save $500 or more when they make the switch*!

If your current insurance is renewing, or if you just would like to see if you could save money, contact us to receive a free quote!

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Life is unpredictable. You may worry about unexpected, real-life events that could leave you scrambling to pay your monthly bills.  Day Air Credit Union Debt Protection can help relieve financial pressure in the event of death, disability or involuntary unemployment.

With Day Air Credit Union Debt Protection, your loan balance or your monthly loan payments will be cancelled without penalty or added interest.  You benefit from the peace of mind knowing you and your credit rating are protected.  Even if you were already covered by insurance, wouldn’t it be nice to know that this debt would be taken care of without touching your other coverage?

Debt Protection is available for closed-end loans if the loan has a term of less than 120 months, open-end consumer credit plans, unsecured lines of credit, credit cards, closed-end loans that are 120 months or greater, and home equity lines of credit plans.

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Specifically for vehicle loans, GAPP Coverage covers what your auto insurance may not. In the event your vehicle is deemed a total loss due to an accident or theft, your auto insurance policy will usually only cover the actual cash value or market value of your vehicle less a deductible. This settlement could be significantly less than the amount you owe on your loan. The final result is a financial GAPP where you must make up the difference, which could mean thousands of dollars out of your pocket.

This type of coverage is offered at the time of loan initiation. However, it may be possible to add this coverage to an existing loan.

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These insurance programs are not insured by NCUA.

*Figure of $500 or more is a National average savings number of auto, homeowner, and business policyholders’ savings when compared to the policyholders’ former premiums. This is a 12-month rolling total. Individual premiums and saving will vary.

Insurance products are not deposits of Day Air Credit Union and are not protected by the NCUA. They are not guaranteed by Day Air Credit Union and may be subject to risk. Any insurance required as a condition of an extension of credit by Day Air Credit Union need not be purchased from Day Air Insurance and may be purchased from an agent or insurance company of the member’s choice. Day Air Insurance is a subsidiary of Day Air Credit Union. Business conducted with Day Air Insurance is separate and distinct from any business conducted with Day Air Credit Union.