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UD March Madness

UD March Madness

I know ‘tis the season for College Basketball. I know everyone has filled out brackets, arguing about the merits of each team and getting in front of a television at all sorts of odd hours. (Who watches basketball at 12:38 in the afternoon on a week day?)

If I had a favorite college basketball team it would be the University of Dayton. I live around the corner from UD. My kids both graduated from UD. I have a t-shirt that my daughter left behind. I have been to live UD games and even occasionally watched them on television. We even have a Day Air Credit Union branch on the UD campus. But I’m not a huge basketball fan. I can’t tell you their ranking. I don’t know their best players or weakest links.  I don’t even know the final score of their first round loss.

But I know one of their biggest fans! I can call Pete any time and find out anything I need to know about the UD basketball team (even who their coach and best player was in 1989)

Sometimes it pays to know who to ask. Just like Pete can tell me all I need to know about UD basketball, your Day Air Credit Union Member Representative in the branch or on the phone can tell you the information and the expert to help you with any of your financial needs.

Want to know if you have the best rate you can get on your auto loan or if you can lower your payment? They will put you in touch with our consumer lending specialists.

Planning on looking for your first home? Our mortgage department can help.

Worried you are not getting the best deal on your checking and savings? Retail Operations are here to give you the scoop.

Young children who might want to go to UD one day? Better talk to the Financial Planning Center and get started right away!

So even if talking about and planning your financial situation is not on top of mind it’s good to know who to call. It’s not what you know…. it’s who you know…. you have your financial experts in person or on the phone right here at Day Air Credit Union.

Thanks for a great season UD!

Bettina Buscemi
Business Development Manager