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It is hard to grasp that its the end of August already. Summer is coming to an end, vacations are done and kids are back in school. What doesn’t end as fast are those credit card payments. The ones you used to get 20% off of back to school supplies, no interest for 3 months, or any other promotional offer the department stores were offering.

What do you do now to get financially back in balance?

First, gather statements to each credit card and find out:

  1. What interest rate you are paying?
  2. Is the current rate a promotional rate?
  3. Is there an annual fee?
  4. Do you have a grace period?
  5. Check for other costly terms and conditions.

So, are you shocked that most store credit cards are charging you a 20%, or higher, interest rate or that your introductory rate is soon to expire? What’s the next step?

Finding the right card for you, what to look for?

  1. Low rate
  2. No annual fee
  3. No balance transfer fees
  4. No gimmicks
  5. Read all the terms and conditions

Finding a Visa with a low fixed rate, no annual fees, no balance transfer fees and no penalties may seem difficult but it isn’t. Day Air has a Visa with all that and rates as low at 6.25%! This is not a promotional credit card or an introductory rate. To get this low rate credit card you can apply online at, in person at any of our five branches or just give us a call at 937-643-2160.

The final step.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 10.54.50 AMThe final step is giving Day Air Credit Union the information about the cards you are wanting to pay off. Day Air will need the amount to be paid, the account number and the address to mail the payment. Day Air will take care of the rest and you can start saving money.

If you already have a Low Rate Day Air Platinum Visa, just give us a call and we can transfer the balances from those other high rate credit cards, we would love to save you money!

April Higgins | Director Member Service