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While looking out of my office window thinking of topics to write my blog, my attention is captivated by the huge American flag blowing in the breeze in front of the main entrance to the Dayton VA hospital. The flag serves as a reminder of what our service men and women have fought for, and all they have sacrificed.

As Veterans Day approaches, I encourage folks to do more than just say, ‘thank you’; I challenge you to prove it! Hearing it is always nice, but feeling the appreciation is a completely different level of pride.  No matter your ability or level of commitment, there is something that each of us can do to serve those who serve us.

How to show that you are thankful to a Veteran:

For all of our Veterans, Day Air and its associates want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your service and sacrifice. We are honored to serve our military men and women, and assist them with all of their financial needs. Since we are not able to thank you all in person, we have compiled some helpful links to help you celebrate your day!