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What a great sight as I drive down Dayton-Xenia Rd. in Beavercreek!

I live in Xenia and never really minded the 25-30 minute drive to the Kettering branch, your help and service have always made it worth the trip. But the convenience of having a Day Air branch in Greene County is awesome!

Just a quick hop off of Rt. 35, I can stop by the branch now on the way to the Beavercreek Kroger area, Rotary Park or on the way to the Fairfield Mall area. It’s great!

Now, I’m not one of the folks coming to Day Air from Countywide Credit Union, but I’d like to welcome them to Day Air. I know that they will all get the same great Day Air service that kept me driving to the Kettering branch all of these years.

This is exciting for all of us in Greene County. Thank you!

~ Eric