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School is almost out for the summer! The weather is finally getting nicer and it’s time to enjoy all of the fun summer activities. If you work for the school system and will have the summer off and could use some extra funds, let us help you! Don’t let the unexpected bills get you down.

Summer is the perfect time to get started on all of those projects you’ve wanted to do! Maybe it’s time for a new car or maybe you’d like to start all those renovation projects around the house. Day Air has loan options for all of your needs, whether it’s personal or for your business. When you want to borrow money and are looking for flexible terms, great rates, and excellent service, we’re here to help! With our wide variety of loans, we can help you avoid living paycheck to paycheck.

Are you planning for a fun summer vacation with your friends or family? If so, we could help you with your trip whether it’s a low-rate credit card to help with your expenses or even a personal loan to help pay for the trip! Use Day Air’s Low-Rate Visa Credit Card to pay for your food or activities while you’re away. We also have a Day Air Platinum Rewards Credit Card that will help you earn points for your purchases.

Day Air has everything you need this summer whether you’re going on vacation or staying home and working on the house. Our low rates and flexible terms will give you the summer of a lifetime!