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Having worked at Day Air and a couple of other financial institutions, I have always enjoyed helping people and educating them with many aspects of their financial lives. In working with teenagers opening youth accounts and even with young adults in their early twenties who are opening their first bank account, I have noticed two extremes.

  • A lack of basic financial education. This extreme is, unfortunately, most common. Many young people have received little or no financial education from their parents or at school. They’re on their own to learn the “hard way” about managing their money by incurring NSF fees or hurting their credit by racking up debt at an early age. Most often, when I help educate them on improving their credit or how to best manage their account, I hear two things expressed: “Thanks! No one has ever told me that” and “I wish I would have known!”
  • Starting financial education at a young age. This second extreme is the complete opposite of the first and it’s much better! I really enjoy seeing parents bring their children – even some very young — and teens into our branch to deposit their birthday and holiday money or graduation checks. I can hear the parents teaching and coaching their kids on saving and other money basics. It is really nice to see these parents taking an active role in educating their kids about finances. Many times they explain to me that they don’t want their child learning about money the hard way, and want to spare them the financial headaches and heartaches.

A strong financial foundation is key. Day Air is helping in its partnership with Centerville High School, which provides students with resources and opportunities to learn about financial basics. Learning how credit works and keeping track of the transactions in a bank account are the basic first steps to future financial well-being.

Centerville High School Credit Union is a student-run branch located directly in the high school. The students, who are all volunteers, open accounts as well as conduct transactions for other students, faculty, and school employees. As manager of Day Air’s Centerville branch, I have the pleasure of assisting and supporting CHS CU.

If you or someone you know is interested in a financial education seminar or program, please contact Day Air and we’d be happy to work with you!

Daniel Koons ǀ Centerville Branch Manager