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Day Air Credit Union is committed to keeping your member information safe and secure. We also help you take important steps to protect your sensitive files from theft or loss. For example, we supported the recent Shredding Day to help Kettering residents safely and securely shred their sensitive documents, including old tax forms, medical papers, mail, credit cards, CDs, and tapes.

But physical files and discs are just one part of the picture. Day Air also securely stores statements and other important member documents in digital format for easy, secure access through online banking.

Almost everyone now has countless personal digital files, including music, photos, e-statements, emails, and various e-documents stored in “the cloud.” Retail receipts are routinely e-mailed to customers rather than printed at the cash register. Sixty-eight percent of Ohioans organize their important documents digitally, according to a 2016 Mid-Year Consumer Survey, conducted by the Ohio Credit Union League (OCUL).

Even while people are going digital, almost 57 percent of the OCUL survey’s respondents said they’re not entirely sure their personal information is safe. Less than 32 percent said they have complete faith that their files are safely stored.

Here are some practical tips to help you stay organized and keep your digital data safe.

  • Take control of your computer. Perhaps the most important step in digital organization is taking control of your computer. File important e-statements in labeled folders in your “My Documents” folder. It reduces desktop clutter, adds a level of security if your system crashes, and makes searching easier should you need to find a document.
  • Sign up for online banking. Day Air members can safely and conveniently retrieve monthly statements (back to 2001), credit card statements, tax forms (back to 2010), and receipts in digital format from Day Air via It’s Me 247 Online Banking. Signing up takes just a few minutes!
  • Set a rule for creating passwords. You don’t need to remember 75 passwords if you have one rule set for generating them. For instance, try always using your initials to start, followed by a favorite number, then the first two to three letters of the service name. Using the same password repeatedly makes it easier for identity thieves to hack your accounts. Creating multiple passwords with no rule makes it difficult for you to remember them all.
  • Archive files. Archive what you don’t want or need. Create a folder in your “My Documents” folder called “Archives.” You can place items there you don’t necessarily need, but aren’t comfortable deleting right away.
  • Keep a paper trail. Yes, you still need paper to some extent! Keep a digital and a safely-stored paper version of critical documents that are either hard to replace, such as family health records and major home improvements, or for documents that are tax or business related. Day Air offers safe deposit boxes at three of our branches. Contact us to find our more.

There’s no system that’s 100% secure or crash-proof, but these are just some steps to help you safeguard your identity, stay organized, and protect yourself from the unexpected loss or theft of important files.

Note: This post was adapted from an article by the Ohio Credit Union League (OCUL).