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Mid July: time to check-in on your goals for the year!

In business, we are checking in on our goals monthly, weekly, even the more focused of us do it daily. How about your personal goals?

Did you make a plan for the year? Did you make a SMART goal?

I plan to take a trip to Mexico in July of 2017. I am going to put $75 per paycheck in my vacation account. I will have $2900 available to use for my vacation in July of 2017.

What if I missed a few deposits up to this point? I still have time to make it attainable by adjusting and changing my behavior today. I am going to put $120 in my vacation account per paycheck until July of 2017. I may have to change my timeline – Mexico December 2017. Sometimes sharing your goal with a partner or friend who reminds you why you set the goal in the first place and why you can sacrifice some things now for the fabulous trip you will be having in the future.

Whether your plan is for a trip, a home repair, a car or a new home it is important to set the goal and check in on it often. Is it more important to you than dinner and a movie this weekend? If so, keep your mind set and realize your dream!