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What is MACO? MACO is the abbreviation for Multi-Authentication Convenience Options and is one of the newer features of Day Air’s App. The Day Air App now gives users several different ways to authenticate and log in (Password, Pin, Voice, Fingerprint, or Face). These new authentication options allow members to log in to the Day Air App much faster than 2-step verification which includes entering a secure password and answering a security question.

It is a common thought that these new authentication options are more secure than a traditional password, but the truth is they are not necessarily more secure. You might think it would be extremely hard to imitate a person’s face or copy their fingerprint to “trick” the system into allowing an unauthorized user in. However, as technology evolves to allow these new forms of authentication, so does the “bad guys” ability to gain access. The major problem is that you can change your password, but you can’t change your face or fingerprint, at least not as easily as a password!

Although it can be argued that some of the newer authentication options are less secure than a complex password it really comes down to convenience vs security. What sacrifices are you willing to make for gaining access to become convenient and not tedious? Day Air has always taken the approach that we allow our members to choose how they wish to secure their accounts and to what degree. This is evident by our PIB (Personal Internet Banking) product. With PIB members can choose exactly how far they want to lock down access to their online banking as it is very flexible. Although we take the approach of allowing members to choose how their accounts are secured we do occasionally step in and put requirements in place as a basis because we are always looking out for our members’ well-being.

For more information on Day Air’s Mobile App, MACO, or PIB feel free to reach out to us via email, or call us at 937-643-2160.