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Day Air Credit Union’s mission is to enhance our members’ financial well-being. At our York Commons Branch, we live that mission every day.  What I enjoy the most about working for Day Air Credit Union is having the opportunity to impact our members’ lives in a positive manner.  Our associates counsel our members on how to improve and strengthen their credit and educate them on how we can assist throughout the process. This helps us build long-lasting relationships.

We have been able to witness the progression of growth within our membership in many different ways. This has been accomplished by building trustworthy, family-like relationships.  At a credit union, you are not just another number; you are a member-owner.  Our members are very important to us, and we consistently strive to make them feel like our family members.

I have many members that are like family to me. Jane Brown* came to me four years ago desperately needing financial help.  I took the time to listen to her and get to know her on a personal level.  She and I bonded right away and I found myself looking forward to the next time I would be able to help her.  Day Air was able to assist her with different products and services that made her financial struggles more manageable.  Jane has always been so grateful for us. She expresses her dedication to Day Air often, whether it be a warm smile and a hug or a phone call thanking us for always being there for her.

Even with all of our online banking options, the members at York Commons visit the branch often. They tell us that they look forward to seeing us and chatting about what we have been up to.  I truly enjoy seeing the members and being a part of their trusted financial institution.  These members view us as the ones who have positively impacted their lives. Knowing how much we mean to them gives me great personal satisfaction.

Kimberly Moyer ǀ York Commons Branch Manager


*This is not the member’s real name.