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Believe it or not, many more people bank with a commercial bank than with a credit union. When asked, members of Day Air tell us that “I love my Credit Union!” Whenever I ask a bank customer if they love their bank, they look at me like I’m crazy. When asked “why not do something about it?” the usual answer is that it’s too hard to switch.

It can be a hassle to switch banks, but those folks who now use Day Air Credit Union are happy they made that switch. From better loan and deposit rates and lower fees to friendlier people, better technology and great convenience, most members wish they switched even sooner. Here’s a guide on how to fire your bank as painlessly as possible.

  1. Open a free checking account at Day Air as a secondary account. It’s easy and can be done at any of six convenient locations in the Miami Valley or online. Make a small deposit to the account.
  2. While you’re waiting for your debit card to arrive, contact your employer to move the direct deposit of your paycheck to Day Air (routing number 242277808). Note that if you open your account at a branch, you could have your debit card instantly issued (no waiting!).
  3. Stop auto bill payments at your bank. That’s easily done online if you’ve been using the bank’s bill pay system to push payments out. If you auto-pay by authorizing a payee to “pull” the payments from your bank, you’ll have to contact each company and follow its process for stopping those payments. We recommend that you never use that method again in order to maintain greater control of your account.
  4. Keep the old bank account open until the checks you’ve written clear.
  5. Set up the additional features on your new Day Air checking account, including online BillPay, mobile banking, text banking, mobile deposit and Apple Pay or AdroidPay. This can be done online and the Credit Union’s friendly staff will be happy to help.
  6. Instruct your bank to close the account by transferring the balance to the Credit Union or by issuing a cashier’s check.

You will now be able to save money through lower or no fees, receive higher interest on your deposits, pay less interest on loans, and receive great financial advice and service from your local, member-owned financial cooperative – Day Air Credit Union.