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August means “back to school” time for most families, including mine! The start of school fuels so many different emotions: excitement, anticipation, nervousness, fear, etc. These emotions are not only what the students experience but also what the parents feel.  Whether you are sending your child off to first grade or their first year of college we all experience anxiety wondering how the experience will be for our child, what will this year bring, and what new doors will open for him or her this year.  All of us hope that our children will be given numerous opportunities for growth and new experiences.  And we want to make sure they are attending a school or university that can provide these opportunities.

Over the years, as manager of Day Air’s University of Dayton branch, I have witnessed firsthand the many opportunities that the university provides to its students during their college careers.  While students are earning their degrees they are not just learning out of a book but building real-life leadership skills that will take them far beyond college.  One example is UD’s upcoming Camp Blue Leadership program.  This program is a week-long high-energy camp for incoming first-year students which focuses on leadership and UD’s philosophy of “Learn, Lead, Serve.”  The camp is designed to help students transition into the UD community before classes even start.  This is a great opportunity for new students to start developing their leadership skills before even arriving on campus as freshmen.  As UD’s credit union, Day Air is proud to help with Camp Blue by providing financial education for these students and giving them tips to be financially successful during their college years and beyond.

Day Air Credit Union has a full-service branch right on UD’s campus and is proud to serve the faculty, staff, students, and alumni.  For more information on the financial education that Day Air Credit Union can provide in your community please feel free to contact us at

Amy Cline | University of Dayton Branch Manager