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Every small business is unique and has its own special needs. At Day Air we want to address your questions and concerns. You have worked hard to get your dream where it is and we want to support you in all you do. That’s why we have partnered with small business experts to share knowledge and resources to the Dayton area small business community.

Day Air Credit Union, The Ohio Small Business Development Center (SBDC), the Columbus District Office of the SBA, SCORE, and the Ohio Development Services Agency are offering a FREE seven-month training series at the Business Solutions Center in Dayton. Each class enhances the setup or growth of your small business.

  • April 11 – “Legal, Accounting, and Tax Requirements for a Small Business” will provide a group of experts in these disciplines who will discuss the requirement and provide contacts to acquire these services.
  • May 9 – “Building Bank Relationship/Access to Capital” will provide experts from federal, state, and local entities to discuss opportunities for small business funding. Credit scores and other requirements will be examined.
  • June 13 – “Money Management and Alternative Funding” will provide experts from banks, credit unions, and non-standard funding sources which provide alternate sources of capital at varying levels of expense.
  • July 11 – “Marketing Tips” will discuss the methods and venues to market a small business available in today’s environment.
  • August 8 – “E-presence Considerations and Security” will discuss the method to set up and manage social media marketing. Cyber security will deal with the responsibility inherent in using social media.
  • September 12 – “Procurement Opportunities and Certification” will deal with the methods and requirement a small business must utilize to provide services to federal, state, and local government entities.

All classes will be held at: Business Solutions Center, 1435 Cincinnati St. Dayton, OH 45417

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It’s important to Day Air Credit Union to support your personal and business financial well-being!