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Once again our summer days are getting shorter and everybody is talking about “back to school”. Personally, I always enjoy fall. Working at the UD Branch, I feel a sense of energy on campus;  faculty are putting the final touches on their semester lesson plans, The Pride of Dayton pep band is practicing for the upcoming football season, and the students are starting to trickle back to campus.  It is a time of new beginnings as we prepare to welcome the incoming freshman to the Flyer family.

Of course, not all of us view the upcoming school year with excitement and energy. Whether you are sending your child to kindergarten or college, there are always extra expenses that need to be covered- school supplies, books, living expenses, etc.  This can cause a lot of anxiety as we scramble to get the money to cover all of these costs. For some of us, this means massaging our budget a little bit to cover everything. For others, it may mean looking for additional financing options.

Whatever your needs are, Day Air has you covered and can get you back to school without compromising your financial goals.   From personal loans to student loans, we have many solutions to help meet these needs, as well as experienced professionals who are here to guide you through all stages of your financial journey. And graduates, even if your school daUD Day Air Branchys are behind you, Day Air is still working to better your financial health.  We are proud to announce that we are now offering student loan refinancing options. We can help you manage your student loans with one easy payment so that you can focus on building your career and chasing your dreams.

Day Air Credit Union is proud to have a branch located at the University of Dayton.  We are passionate about assisting faculty, staff, and students as well as connecting with the outlying community.   If you find yourself on campus this fall, please feel free to stop by and say “hi”.  We are located in Marianist Hall right up from the bookstore.

– Amy Cline,
University of Dayton Branch Manager/ Director of Youth Education