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Finding that perfect gift for special people in your life can be challenging. Not to mention the stress of the long lines, crowded stores, and long list of to do’s during this time of year. I have found the best place to get gifts for my loved ones is my credit union. They make it easy and stress free. Here are my top four picks:

  1. Credit Union Membership: Refer your loved ones to your credit union. They deserve the great benefits of being a member owner such as; free checking accounts, higher dividends, lower loan rates, financial planning services, and personalized products and services. As a current member of Day Air your family is eligible for membership as well as friends that live, work or worship in the Dayton area. Spread the word and share the benefits of the credit union.
  2. Savings Accounts: For the children on your list, give them an early start on savings. Many credit unions offer special savings accounts for children structured to benefit their savings needs. Day Air Credit Union has a Kids Club that offers savings with no minimum balance and earns interest from the first deposit. Establishing a savings account for the youngsters on your list is a cool way to give them cash that continues to grow as they grow.
  3. Cash: The gift that is perfect for everyone. Stop by your credit union to pick up cash to stuff stockings or place in a card. Day Air offers a safe and convenient way to deliver cash. It is called Person-to-Person. You initiate the transfer of cash by logging into your Day Air account entering the amount you want to give along with the recipient’s phone number. The recipient gets a text to enter their account information and then the money is transferred to them. This is a great option for members of the family that you may not get to see over the holidays.
  4. Certificate of Deposit: Having a hard time finding a gift with a big impact? Get them a Certificate of Deposit. Certificate’s earn interest at a higher rate than a savings account. I got my niece a 4-year certificate last year for Christmas. The 4-year certificate will mature just as she is planning to leave for college. This is the perfect gift for the loved ones on your list saving for college, car, house, or vacation. Day Air Credit Union’s Certificate of Deposits are available for 6 months, 12 months, 18 months, 24 months, 36 months, 48 months, and 60 months terms.

Don’t make holiday shopping stressful. Skip the mall, visit your credit union for gifts that will be remembered and appreciated for a lifetime. For more information on the Day Air products mentioned, contact Day Air Credit Union at 937-643-2160 or by visiting