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It’s springtime now, but believe it or not the holidays will be here before you know it! Planning for the holidays, everyone could use a little extra money. Here at Day Air Credit Union there are a number of services that can help you save today so that the holidays go a bit smoother! I personally have taken advantage of many of these services. I want to share my success with you along with a couple of tips and strategies on different ways you can save throughout the year.

The first thing I decided to try was Day Air Insurance. Could I save money on my insurance? I made a simple phone call and I was able to save close to $50 per month on my auto insurance! Many Day Air Credit Union members have similar stories. All you need to do is make that quick call and see how Day Air Insurance can help you.

Next, I wanted to take my savings to the next level. So I inquired about Day Air’s “Save the Change” program. Essentially this is like collecting your change at home in a jar, only the program does it automatically for you. I simply enrolled in the program and immediately all of my debit card purchases were rounded up to the nearest dollar. The remaining change was deposited in the account I selected at the end of each business day. I was amazed at how fast the balance grew over a small amount of time.

One of my personal favorite savings tips is the “add a dollar a week” savings idea. I started this the first week in January by transferring $1 to my savings account. Each week I have transferred one more dollar than the week before. Ex: week 2 – $2, week 3 – $3 and so on. If you utilize this method of saving, by the time you reach the end of the year you will have saved $1,378!

My wallet has thanked me for using these methods and taking advantage of some of the services offered by Day Air Credit Union. There are other services available to members to maximize savings, such as having funds automatically deducted from a direct deposit and transferred into a separate savings account, or refinancing your home or auto loan through the Credit Union. Even taking advantage of free online bill pay will save you money on checks and stamps.

I strongly recommend looking into some or all of these services and by the time the holidays roll around, your wallet will thank you.

Happy Saving!
Randy Reber