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Card Activity Alerts for Day Air Debit and Credit Cards

Be in control of your plastics and get card activity alerts any time they are used. This new service will notify you each time your Day Air card is used, whether its at a grocery store or for an online purchase. Enabling this new feature with your Day Air cards adds yet another level of security to your Day Air account. Watch our short How-To Setup Card Activity Alerts in the Day Air App video to get started!

Card Controls and Push Notifications must be enabled to use Card Activity Alerts in the Day Air App. Learn how to setup those here, Card Controls | Push Notifications.

View eStatements, receipts and Tax Documents in the Day Air App

Day Air members can now view their eStatements and tax documents quickly using the Day Air App. Whether you’re on-the-go or just don’t have access to a computer – you can now easily view all of your account activity simply by opening the Day Air App on your mobile device. Watch our short How To View eStatements in the Day Air App video to get started!

We hope these new features within the Day Air App will continue to enhance your experience with Day Air Credit Union, and we look forward to adding even more useful features in the future!