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Day Air Credit Union Sponsored Raffle Raises $16,700 for Dayton Foodbank

Kettering, Ohio, December 15, 2020 – Day Air Credit Union is pleased to have sponsored an Online 50/50 Raffle that raised more than $16,700 to benefit The Dayton Foodbank, providing over 98,000 meals for local families. Day Air partnered with the Dayton Dragons Foundation to offer the special Online 50/50 Raffle with proceeds benefitting The Dayton Foodbank.

“A huge thank you to the Dayton Dragons and Day Air Credit Union for all they do to support our community. Every dollar given to the Dayton Foodbank through the 50/50 raffle will help feed families this holiday season,” said Michelle Riley, CEO at The Foodbank, Inc. “2020 has been a year unlike any other, this generous support comes at the perfect time as more families than ever struggle to put food on the table.”

The Online 50/50 Raffle raised $32,797 with 50 percent of that total or $16,398.50 benefitting the Dayton Foodbank and the other 50 percent going to the winner. The Online Raffle which was presented by Day Air Credit Union in partnership with the Dayton Dragons Foundation ran for nearly two weeks from November 30th through December 10th.

“Day Air is grateful to have an amazing partnership with the Dayton Dragons, who we were thrilled to join with to support the Dayton Foodbank and the incredible work they do for our community.” Day Air Credit Union Director of Marketing Joe Eckley said. “It was amazing watching the dollars raised add up over the course of this campaign, as the Dayton community rallied together for a great cause.”