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Day Air Credit Union, the largest financial institution headquartered in Montgomery County, was pleased to sponsor a rolling 50/50 raffle helping raise $5,000 to benefit the Muse Machine of Dayton.

Day Air partnered with the Dayton Dragons Foundation to offer this special rolling 50/50 raffle which ran during Dragons games at Day Air Ballpark from July 13th through July 18th.

Day Air sponsored the Rebuild the Arts program this summer with the Dayton Dragons Foundation in an effort to help local arts organizations that have been struggling due to the pandemic. The program is designed to put a spotlight on local arts groups while helping infuse them with much needed funds. The benefitting organizations are Muse Machine, Dayton Art Institute, and Dayton Live.

“Giving back to our communities in collaboration with our business partners speaks to who we are,” said Bill Burke, President and CEO of Day Air Credit Union. “Thanks to the efforts of our partners the Dayton Dragons Foundation and the support of our community, we were able to donate $5,000 to support the Muse Machine of Dayton and the incredible work they do for the students in our community.”