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Did you know that we have an Online Banking Community Web Page that includes tips and news articles covering a wide range of topics: anything from “Online Safety for Kids” to “Planning for Retirement”?

Page view

The page can be found at . Many of you will recognize the page from logging into your ItsMe247 online banking application. It’s the page you see after entering your username.


On the lower left side of the page, you will find icon buttons that, when clicked, will take you to various forms, tools or articles. This is where the CU Secure button is located. Just click and you’ll be presented with wide range of topics. Each topic will include a short description with a link to the in-depth articles written by subject matter experts.

CUSecureAlong with the buttons on the left, the Online Banking Community  page also has useful tips and other credit union information readily available. Take a look at this resource along with the many other resources provided for our members on the website.

James Fletcher | VP of IT