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Summer of 2018 has been an exciting time at the credit union and Day Air is very eager to see what fall is going to bring! Over the past few months, they have received multiple distinctions for being a top-rated business in the Miami Valley. They were also on the list for a top-rated credit union in the country!

Day Air was recognized among the nation’s 5,743 federally insured credit unions receiving an A+ health rating in a financial health study conducted by, the largest and most comprehensive online publication in the United States. There are a number of factors that go into determining this rating including capitalization, deposit growth, and loan-to-reserve ratios. Only 11% of financial institutions in the nation receive this rating and Day Air was ranked #66 out of the 200 healthiest!

Day Air also made it on the list of Top 100 Dayton-Area Companies posted by the Dayton Business Journal. The rankings for this list were locally researched by Jane Applegate of the Dayton Business Journal and the final rankings were based on organization revenue. Day Air continues to grow throughout the Miami Valley, which gives them the opportunity to give back to the local community. Overall, Day Air donated more than $42,000 to local organizations in 2017 and they plan to surpass that number for 2018. Additionally, Day Air’s financial education program reached more than 1,000 adults and youth.

Day Air was beyond excited to receive these recognitions. Their financial success gives them the opportunity to give back through products and services, donation of time and money, and much more! To learn more about how Day Air can help you improve your financial well-being visit and read about more of their success stories!