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We know that banking isn’t about deposits and loans … banking is about you! 

We understand that you don’t want a checking account, you want easy access to your money. You don’t want a car loan, you want to enjoy that new car smell.

Most of the time, we realize that we are a check-off on your daily to-do list, somewhere between “drop the dog off at the groomer,” and, “pick the kids up from school.” And we appreciate you trusting us for that.

But we also realize that life is full of changes … crucial milestones … times that all have important financial needs.

When you get married: You may want to combine checking accounts. You may need a loan for the wedding or the honeymoon. You may be looking to move to a new home together.

When you have children: Everything changes! You may need a more kid-friendly vehicle. You’ll want to start saving for their education. All of a sudden, life insurance has more significance.

When you graduate college and start a career: You may need a smarter credit card. It’ll be time to get a “real” car. Will you rent or buy a “starter” home?

When the kids move out: Woo hoo … life’s about YOU again!  Is it time to travel? Do you want a smaller home?

When you retire: All of a sudden life transitions from acquiring wealth to stretching it out. How much will you need? Should you relook at your budget?

What makes life interesting are these milestones … and there are so many of them. You may be starting your own business, getting divorced, buying a new home, you may suffer a loss in the family: these all have financial implications. These are all the times that we are here for you.

You are a member-owner of Day Air and we do not take that lightly. When life takes it’s next sharp turn, turn to us to help you through it.