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It’s hard to believe that another summer has come and gone, and a new school year is quickly approaching. Of course, this time of year always brings out a mix of emotions. Parents and students are overcome with excitement, maybe a little sad as the summer ends. Kids are even anxious and possibly scared for all the new things the school year will bring – new friends, new teachers, and maybe even a new school. Luckily these worries tend to only stick around for a little while!

This time of year can also be overwhelming for parents financially as they prepare their student for the next chapter in their academic career. Whether you are sending your child to kindergarten or college, there’s always that mile long school supply list, clothes, living expenses, and extra added expenses that are needed to kick off the school year. For some of us, this can be easy to accommodate by manipulating our budgets a bit to make room for these added expenses. For others, it may mean looking for additional financing options.

From personal loans to student loans, Day Air has many solutions to help meet these needs, all with great interest rates and flexible terms. And graduates, even if your school days are behind you, Day Air is now offering student loan refinancing options that will allow you to manage your student loans with one easy payment! Day Air is committed to helping our members achieve all their financial goals!