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My move, in June was preceded by:

  • 7 months of selling my old house and keeping it clean every single day
  • More than 50 showings on someone else’s schedule
  • 2 mortgage companies (learning Day Air is the only way to go)
  • A month of negotiation
  • 3 weeks of packing
  • 2 days of actually moving stuff

Today, I look at this list and realize that we lucked out! First, we were able to sell our home! But even more importantly, we didn’t have to move. Moving wasn’t even on our radar screen.

We happened to stumble onto another home that we loved just five miles from our previous residence. So there was no searching for the right neighborhood, researching schools, or spending the day driving around with a realtor nitpicking other people’s decorating skills, HGTV-style.

We recently took all of those experiences, from my move and MANY other moves, and put them into a single resource for you!

It’s called

With a few clicks, you can have all of the resources and tips that I wish I had before my move. There are articles about:

  • Preparing to Move
  • Moving Life-Hacks
  • Staging to Sell
  • Getting Your Mortgage Loan
  • Day Air Staff picks on the areas best kept secrets, best places to take kids and best restaurants

In short, if you need to know it to move, it’s there. Check it out.