It’s a breath of fresh air. More value.

A welcome change from the usual … that’s what our members say anyway. That is, a credit union is a financial cooperative. Like cooperatives around the world, we operate according to a set of core cooperative principles—in our case 7—that we follow for the greater good of our community, credit union and member-owners.

Principle #1: Voluntary and Open Membership
Principle #2: Democratic Member Control
Principle #3: Members’ Economic Participation
Principle #4: Autonomy and Independence
Principle #5: Education, Training and Information
Principle #6: Cooperation among Cooperatives
Principle #7: Concern for Community

How a credit union differs from a bank.

  • Not-for-profit
  • Serve members, not customers, and are member-owned
  • Run by volunteer boards
  • Provide free financial education
  • Strongly tied to their local communities
  • Cooperatives – working with other credit unions to provide the best products and services to members

So, now that you know – isn’t it time to become a member?

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